The Dream Catalyst Sparker


A Catalyst, when added to something, will start a reaction or series of events.

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‘The Dream Catalyst Sparker: 12 Simple Steps Towards Your Dreams and Desires”

The Dream Catalyst Sparker


This isn’t a ‘How To’ book that tells you what to do or what to think.

Each step is a clue to seeing your dreams and desires come into focus, creating momentum and intentional direction.

Grab a notebook, and make a commitment to yourself to let each step be a catalyst to you thinking, processing, and actioning your way towards a clearer vision and a more fulfilled you.


Give yourself the time you need.

Be honest.

Be courageous enough to dream.

And give yourself permission to launch.

Each Simple Step is covered by a supporting article here on the site.

Take the opportunity to ask questions, or to celebrate the realisation of your vision, by commenting and connecting on ‘The Dream Catalyst Steps’ posts. We want to be a tribe of people who dream with their eyes open.

Allow the Catalyst to spark your imagination and your desires, be brave enough to dream and, as always, give yourself Permission to Launch!


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