Dreaming with your eyes open



When I first heard this quote something just switched on inside me.

The reactions to Dreamers are varied. Some are laughed at or mocked, some are patronised in an indulgent tone. Either way, having ‘Dreamer’ on your school report wasn’t a compliment from the teacher. But there is a difference between those that just dream and those that dream with their eyes open. At some level, we all  dream.

I can disappear into a dream at any given moment: I have stories half written I can wander through or a trip to ‘What if…’ land or the past. This dreaming is different from when I dream with my eyes open. The difference is that when I dream with my eyes open I am intentional in the way that I explore and expand my dream and from there I will start to process and plan.

It takes courage to dream with your eyes open. You have to be able to face the fear of failure and the fear of success. Yes, you read that right: the fear of success.

If your dream comes to fruition – if your dream ‘succeeds’ – it will mean change. It is always a journey, a journey that will change you as a person and your life from here on out. You can never accurately foresee the outcome of your dreams, it is the future after all, but I prefer to journey with my eyes open to stumbling around in an unfocused daze. If my eyes aren’t focussed I may miss some of the good bits along the way or miss the path altogether!


Dreamers are vital. Dreamers have invented the aeroplane, discovered penicillin, reunited families, started coffee shops or rehab projects, have sung, written, or created the heart of a country’s culture.  Dreamers cross oceans to see grandchildren, loose the weight to become healthy, publish their books, or help us to sing with their songs. They make the world a better place to live in and inspire us to do the same.


Dreamers that dream with their eyes open can see possibilities, see a way forward, and see the fulfilment that they hope for.

It is a process and not something that happens overnight.

We’re here to walk with you through the process, to journey with you and encourage and equip you better for that journey, as you learn to dream with your eyes open and move towards seeing the fulfilment of your dreams.




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I’m a teacher, a writer, and a creative. This site is where I share and encourage others in the areas of our dreams, desires, and direction.To find out more about me and Permission To Launch, you can read my full bio.

To find out more about me and Permission To Launch, you can read my full bio.

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